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Welcome to Sun Way infant center and preschool. In Sun Way preschool, we proudly offer the quality education and care your child deserves. Having Masters degree in child development and working 10 years as a preschool teacher along with my ambitious in seeking fun and responsive method of teaching to keep children engaged and encouraged in learning helped us to create a friendly relationship between the kids and ourselves and through this we have found the opportunity to seek out their talents and get to know their desires individually. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and try to help them in making their self-esteem. We have Farsi language training, math, word matching, yoga practice, music, and gardening in a fun and motivating environment. In our infant program, we highly believe that responsive and sensitive caregivers can protect children from developing stress coping mechanisms and behavioral problems. Based on this belief, we do our best to be responsive to the infants’ needs and prepare a warm and safe environment for them.

Our Classes



  • 12 Apr
  • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Easter at Sun Way
Easter can be a time of spring fun with our collection of activities.
  • 10 May
  • All day
Mother’s Day
We celebrate Mother’s Day at preschool every year with a little party.
  • 21 Jun
  • 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Father`s Day at Sun Way
Father's Day is special at Sun Way.
  • 31 Oct
  • All day
Sun Way Halloween
Come and enjoy a fun day out with your kid and experience our school!

Our core values

Learning & Fun
By using the best learning methods and having friendliest faculty and teachers, your children will experience both fun and learning with us.
Healthy Meals
It does matter what your children consume in school. By providing fresh and healthy meals, we ensure that.
Children Safety
Sun Way preschool and Childcare center combines a developmentally- appropriate playground with the equipment that is all in accordance with the playground safety rules.
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Friendly Environment
It’s rough for children to be away from their parents. By providing the right environment, your children will easily merge into their new life.

Our News

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Our Preschool Anniversary

Come to Sunway and celebrate our anniversary this year.

Impacts of the Healthy Food

There are tips that you can use to make a healthy eating habit for your children and they will like it.

How Kids Make Sense of Life Experiences

Here are three of the childhood experiences that can lead a child into a more purposeful life

Our happy parents

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We will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your beloved children in any aspect, leave us your name and email address along with the message and let us take care of your concerns