Letter Matching Class

Children who step into school with some prior knowledge about letters and words are always one step ahead of others, so school is easier for them.

Letter matching is one of the basic classes that your children can attend at Sunway preschool to get ready for school in future years. Children who practice alphabets and letter matching are always ahead of their class in school. They need to put less time into learning new words. Letter matching is a fun class that involves games and education both together. Letter matching also helps children to generate and learn new words much faster, which is a fantastic practice for their brain.

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Samar A.

At Sunway preschool, we teach children how to match letters and make words, word making practices, and sentence making after that. Alphabetic and letter-matching exercises at a younger age help children feel less pressure as they step into their school life. Also, letter matching is a fantastic tool for promoting children’s creativity and it is a good exercise for their minds. 

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