A few of our families would like to share their experiences with you! Check out our testimonials below!

We are so happy that we found your child care center. Our daughter bloomed at Sun Way.
Thank you so much

Nastaran Dina

I love Sunway preschool, they got such a lovely environment, from the indoors with all those colorful toys and materials they have used to design the classes to their yard that they do the gardening classes at. It’s an amazing environment for children to spend time. Also, Roya is so kind to children and patient with them that you never have to worry

Malia Glenn

Thanks to Roya, the Amazing teacher of Sunway preschool my niece Misses her preschool so much that she is going insane during this quarantine since she can’t see her lovely teacher anymore.


I wanted to thank Roya for her patience and kindness, Jack my son was never left alone anywhere by himself because he is so emotionally attached to me that he can’t stand anywhere without me. It kind of scared me and gave me the thoughts maybe I have to do something so he spends more time without me in his days and it’ll be better for him. I have tried 3 different childcare centers, he wouldn’t stay without me even for an hour until I met Roya and got Jack to Sunway. She is so nice and kind to children that Jack now loves his preschool! All thanks to Roya, she is just wonderful.

Emely Magdalena

We have been a part of the Sun Way “Family” for a while , and could not have chosen a better place for our children to develop and grow educationally and socially. From our first day, the director and staff have cared for our children and prepared them for their next phase of development. The experience of the teachers (Many of our kid’s teachers have 20+ years of experience at the school) is another example of the commitment and dedication to creating a fun, educational, and nurturing environment for toddlers and preschoolers. We first heard about the school from friends whose children attended. We have continued an unofficial tradition of referring friends and family looking for high quality childcare and education to Children’s Network.

Pouya F.

Best child care center in the area! Roya and Rachel are attentive, highly skilled, and nurturing. Our child has thrived in Sun Way center.

Hope Tavall