Get to Know Sunway’s Manager

Sun Way preschool Director Roya Javanmardi is a former preschool teacher with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Roya combines her degree with her 10-year-long teaching experience to create an educational environment in which every child is enthusiastic about learning. She chooses the teachers from the dedicated expertise in the field of Early Childhood Education who have completed the Federal background clearance and certified in CPR and First Aid training.


I always consider myself in charge of taking care of the children and helping them with their needs, just as if I am their mother. Seeing those little angels growing up and reaching new accomplishments is all that I care for and want to see. I appreciate every parent who entrusted me with their child, I might not be their real parent, but I care for them just like they are my babies. Eventually, the day they have to leave preschool comes, but they will never leave my heart. ♥☺


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Our teaching members enrich the curriculum with their knowledge and understanding of children. It’s always a hard experience for children to be separated from their parents for the first time. Many children can’t stand it and want to get back to their families as soon as they enter the new school environment.

  • Educated manager with Masters degree and decent teaching abilities
  • Experienced staff, known for years of working with children
  • Friendly staff who provide a desirable environment for your children

“  My daughter loves to go to Sun Way preschool and play on their nice playground:) they provide healthy and organic lunch every day along with snacks in between. They have a nice playground that the kids love playing on. My daughter loves her teachers since they know how to make a friendly relationship with her. Along with the day to day activities and educational programs, they are always doing special things for the occasions. Honestly, Sun Way is a gem!“ 

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