Father`s Day at Sun Way

Father’s Day is an opportunity for children to spend some time with their fathers. Father’s Day Activities, such as those particular songs, poems, activities, or gifts made by a preschooler and given to Dad, Grandpa, or other caring males, is priceless!

Making a small gift by children for fathers is always something they always remember. Spend this year’s Father’s day with us at Sunway and make it remarkable.

Roya Javanmardi

Sunway Father’s Day activities:
 Father’s Day Calendar Pieces (ABC pattern)
 Dad Match File Folder Game
 Playdough Recipe: Sawdust Dough
 Playdough/Activity Mat: D-A-D
 D-A-D-D-Y Song Poster & Song Card

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2020-6-21 9:00 am 2020-6-21 11:00 am Pacific/Midway Father`s Day at Sun Way Father's Day is special at Sun Way. 2941 Midvale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064
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