Alphabet&Numeric Class

Alphabet and numeric number matching are fun puzzle-like activities for kids to help them recognize and learn the alphabet letters and numerals. 

Alphabetic and numeric practices in younger ages appear to have a massive impact on children’s brain functionality and development. Using alphabet and numbers to create sentences, words, and riddles help your children to develop their mind and thoughts in such a young age. In the Sunway alphabet & numeric matching class, we help your children to connect dots and make them meaningful. Remember your children are most prepared to learn when they are younger.

We are so happy that we found your child care center. Our daughter bloomed at Sun Way.
Thank you so much

Nastaran Dina

In this class, our teachers help children with alphabets and numbers to increase their brain activity. Recognizing letters is very important for children because it enables them to figure out how the printed text is associated with the spoken language.

Working with alphabet and numbers in the early years helps your children to absorb more information as they step in school life with more information in comparison to their classmates.

Having educated teachers with years of experience working with children is what you need to ensure your children are in the right learning environment.