Music is the most underrated skill among all children. By growing the musical talent in early childhood, you expedite their development.


Music is desirable no matter in what stage of living you are. People always tend to show interest in the type of music they like. Children are no different, and often they appear to show more interest in music than adults. Exposing children to music helps them to beat stress, improve their focus, regulate their emotions, and learn the sounds and meanings of words after.


The fact that they introduce music to young children is adorable, getting to know what music is in early childhood helped my son to learn the piano when he was 8, thanks to Roya.

Roy G.

At Sunway preschool, our teachers help your children to find their talents in music and recognize their favorite instruments. Best musicians started from their childhood to get where they are now. We value your children’s ability and interests since childhood plays the most critical role in all development stages of life.

Helping your children to find their musical talents earlier in their childhood makes the path of success easier for them.

Having educated teachers with years of experience working with children is what you need to ensure your children are in the right learning environment.