Yoga Class

Yoga in early childhood is the best way to improve the motor skills of children and help them to make energetic self- confidence, and social skills while they grow up.

At Sunway preschool, we run yoga classes to help children with different concerns that other preschools less often care about. We enhance your children’s flexibility, strength, and body awareness through yoga exercises. Our yoga class improves your kids’ sense of calmness and relaxation while it helps their decision making and concentration. Exercising in young children can be helpful in the later stages of life, but doing extreme workouts is not recommended at all. That’s why we got yoga for your children to do their exercise.

Our son was 18 months old when he started at Sunway preschool, and he quickly fell in love with Roya. Her kindness, compassion, and calm nature make her a great role model for young children.

Ivana Z.

Yoga is not an ordinary class in preschools, but the reason that Sunway preschool runs yoga classes for young children is to improve their motor skills and decision making. By creating a peaceful environment for children, yoga helps them to be calm and use their massive energies in the best possible way.

Yoga is known as one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety, but in children, yoga works as an amazing tool to improve their motor skills and sort their ideas out.

Having educated teachers with years of experience working with children is what you need to ensure your children are in the right learning environment.