Sun Way preschool and childcare center has been there for more than seven years now. Every year and day we tried hard to improve. Fortunately, with you on our side, we did improve and we could make our preschool a better place for your children. With celebrating our anniversary every year, we get the chance to gather every child who was once a part of our family, and the excellent feeling of reunion helps our family grow.

Sunway preschool has been there with your children for years now. With the celebration of the anniversary, we have a chance to see our older preschoolers once again and have that fantastic reunion feeling.

Roya Javanmardi

Come to Sunway and celebrate our anniversary this year. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet again with all our old friends that used to be our guest in Sunway and still are a part of the Sunway family. We also provide fun activities to keep you and the children entertained, such as finger food making, postcard making, and parents chit-chatting. 

Visit us and let’s have a fun party with your children in it. Being in the environment that your children spend their time in gives them a secure feeling. When they see you in that environment, the next time they come to you to tell you a story about what happened at preschool that day, they feel you can understand them better since you’ve been in their environment before and have a visual memory of that.

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